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Been a while.
moody, broody, sad, weird
Good grief, I have been remiss in my writing.  Far too much has happened in the last year or so to relay it all in one simple blog post.

I was adopted against my will by a small black kitten at the end of May.  She has been very good for me in the way of not allowing me to feel so depressed, especially when I'm asleep on the couch and she is licking my nose.  [AWWWWW!!]

My apartment was broken into while I was at home, but I roared at the guy and scared him off while I had a sword in my hand.  That was some excitement that I have NO desire to repeat.

After a 5 month stint with a diabetes company, I was laid off once more but this time I do have unemployment coming in to cover the bills, which is nice.  I gave up on one friendship and left it, then kicked another person out of my life.

I got back into the dating scene and hooked up with a rigging artist out of Culver City who is currently training me how to knife-fight.  He says I'm learning it very quickly, but I have a tendency to be too hard on myself and end up over-compensating while practicing.  About the only good thing about that is my strikes will be very effective.
He's turned out to be an absolute gentleman and he's really good for me.  He understands me quite well and appreciates and loves me all the same.

I have also launched myself headfirst into my spiritual studies.  Sometime in the next few months I'll go through initiation and become a full fledged witch.


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