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[cue Indiana Jones theme music]
moody, broody, sad, weird

This week so far has been an adventure.  Wed I got my buddy and coworker Jason up to the studio to help move boxes.  I also donated the large red cabinet in my studio because I just had no room for it.  

Thursday was the other part of moving into the new apartment.  This time it was moving MY stuff out of my studio into the new place, predominately furniture.  [Oh joy.....]  I had emailed my dad on tuesday night, asking if it was cool if he could help me out with moving my furniture into the new place on Thu.  He emailed back, saying of course and could I please call him on Wed to firm up the time.  Ok, fine.

So, Eric and I get to the studio just after 10 after I had left a message on dad’s phone the night before to meet us there at noon.  I packed up the remaining stuff, unplugged the computer, disconnected everything else I could think of and generally made an awful racket between throwing stuff in boxes and periodically snarling at something that went dropping something in the wrong place. 
I called my dad at noon because he wasn’t there yet.... and normally he’s quite punctual.

We wait 15 minutes.......20 minutes....... by now pretty much everything is done....... 30 minutes.... ok this is getting kinda weird........40 minutes....... ok, if he’s not here by 1, we’re gonna leave and I’ll try again Sunday.

  I went back to lock the door so we could leave and lo and behold Dad calls, saying he’d gotten his days mixed up and thought thursday was wednesday and sorry he forgot and could we wait until he got there..... [sigh]  Oh well, crap happens.

   Thankfully he’s got a work rack on top of his truck so we were able to load EVERYTHING in one go, including the bookshelves, hope chest, end table and bike.  WOOT!  It was kinda fun climbing all over it and tying rope all over everything.  I nearly bashed my head on the rack, but I had enough sense to not stand up too quick, so no harm, no foul.  [because concussions are bad, mmmkay?]

   We meandered upwards on the 405 up to the interchange on the 101 and even though traffic was congested, it was still moving.  [However I have come to the conclusion that NO time is a good time to be on the north 405 unless it’s after midnight.]

   Anyway, we got everything unloaded with a minimum of fuss and I got the bird in with no problem.  Dad had to go move his truck but he got locked outside and forgot his phone, so he was stuck outside for probably 15 minutes or so.  I figured that out when I went to throw out the spare microwave and saw him outside, wondering when someone was going to open the door. 

   To kill some time for the traffic to die down a bit, we grabbed dinner at Arby’s and had a pretty good time cavorting about random stuff like Tom Lehrer and why discussing organized religion was like shooting fish in a barrel. 

SO---all that is done!  The only thing left is to clean up the studio and call Goodwill to pick up my twin bed. 


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