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A bit of prose I wrote tonight
moody, broody, sad, weird

A scent… a thought…a feeling flows… me but not me… I shift…


Kitty scratches at the inside cage of my skin.  She's restless, wants out, to hunt.

I feel claws igniting my nerves, sharpening senses and adrenalin runs.


Kitty sits looking out my eyes.  My skin ripples under the astral fur and is pulled taut as whiskers twitch and a red coppery scent greets her nose, or is it lust?

Kitty crawls across the bed to my mate… her growl escapes my lips as I catch his scent… spicy and hot, promising many things and electrifying the slightest of touch of fang and claw.


Need and want ripple and blend, crackling the air and distorting third sight… energy builds and spills and builds again, fiery and red…


At fever pitch in the mating dance, Kitty is out, my hair on end as her fur stands. Desire spills out of me, heat for heat, matching his with every stroke.  My teeth sink gently into my mate's neck, her fangs parting muscle, yet leaving no wounds.  


Kitty recedes quietly to the recesses of my astral unconscious.  She is sated as I collapse next to my mate, spent… and we sleep.


Sleep… until next I shift…




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