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Alexis & Eric's Excellent Adventure
moody, broody, sad, weird
 Sunday March 23rd-- I wake up at 4am, expecting Eric to call me at 5 saying that he was in town and could I meet him out front.  Nada at that time.
I called him at 5:30am, wondering where he was.  He calls back 2 minutes later, saying he was running late due to the truck running slower than molasses in January.  He arrives approximately just before 7am, picks me up and we head up to Reseda to unload the truck.  [yawn]

We get up there to discover the gate clicker does not all..........on either of the 2 gates.  FUCK!!! 
We finally got inside thanks to the on-site maintenance worker loaning his gate clicker.  Eric parked kai-wai, thanks to the trailer that his car was on.  We got the truck unloaded and did not break anything, with the exception of one fingernail.  Yay.

We attempted to leave a couple hours later to go return the truck, but I had to run to the leasing office to borrow a gate clicker to get OUT of the lot through the side gate.  We finally leave.

We arrived at the Carson/Western U-Haul, only to be told that their truck lot was full and could not take the truck.  We were directed to go to the Hawthorne/PCH U-Haul.  We arrived only to be told that their lot was also full.  By this point we were both QUITE frazzled and irritated, not to mention sweaty, grimy and in general need of a shower.  We were told to go to the Rosecranz/Van Ness U-Haul, where we were guaranteed a spot.  [I should add that by then we were both almost ready to kill something if the 3rd lot was full...] 

It was particularly entertaining by this point, as the guy who met us in the lot had a sense of humor and had to walk Eric step-by-step through how to take his car off the automotive trailer. 
He also thought the car was mine and Eric was my husband, which made us both laugh the rest of the day. 

So, the truck was dropped off [finally!] and we headed back to my Torrance studio to find Anne.  We went inside and grabbed water, then started moving out the boxes I had packed.  Kevin showed up not long after and we got all the boxes cleared out and we three intrepid movers headed out northward on the traffic-laden 405 freeway to get up to the 101.

Eric and I got inside while Anne and Kevin parked outside on the side street and started to walk in boxes of my stuff.  By now I was almost ready to die from the combination of lack of sleep, lack of decent food and borderline migraine. 
I felt kinda bad about not bringing in my own boxes, but Anne handed me a Tiger’s milk powerbar, a couple of Excedrin and she and Kevin both said I already had the lion’s share of work just in unpacking and that it was more important that I rest for the time being.  Anne had to leave shortly after to get back home for dinner and Kevin took Eric and myself out for dinner at Black Angus, where Eric decided to only have the bread.  [silly boy, after nearly 45 hours of being awake......] 

Suffice it to say, we both beat feet to the shower, showered, then promptly collapsed into bed.  In hindsight, it went well, my back didn’t go out, I didn’t faint and nothing major broke.  WOOT!!

Part 2 is clearing out the rest of my Torrance studio and moving MY furniture out, which will happen thursday.  The rest of the week will be spent unpacking and organizing.   WHEW!!   


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